ActiveCMA - Real Estate Market Analysis
The Real Estate Market Analysis product is an extremely important tool used by professionals to gain additional business. It is all too common for the Analysis product to be generated through an MLS connection and simply written on a piece of paper.

At Active Realty Software, we feel it is very important for the Analysis product to be created in the highest quality possible. The recipient of the product is expecting to receive a professional product and what you produce is a direct reflection of our serious you take your job.

ARS's ActiveCMA is a software product that gives you professionalism right out of the box with little computer knowledge necessary.

How do we do that? By using a series of wizard panels where you just enter the requested information or pull it from your local MLS provider. Our products are RETS compliant for the latest in connectivity with MLS.

In the next image, you will see the login screen for the application

As you can see, an agent's appraisal information is kept confidential in a relational database. The database can be located on the agent's PC, an office PC or even hosted by ActiveRealtySoftware giving complete freedom to the agent.

The agent simply walks through wizard entry screens like the following one for property information:

Complete information about the customer's home is captured including rooms, location and square footage as shown in this wizard screen:

Of course, the software captures 'comps' through MLS but we give you the ability to edit the MLS information in order to correct mistakes before the information is used in the report as shown below:

When it comes time to handle the adjustements, the software gives complete control. You enter the appropriate adjustment values and the software will handle the calculations. You have the ability to edit the information as well:

Finally, ARS' ActiveCMA gives you complete control over the final report. Just select the pages of the report that you would like to include and that's it:

To see a complete report, just click here.

Pricing Information can be found here.

But for the expert, you have the ability to add custom pages using a simple HTML editor. All of the pages of the ARS' ActiveCMA - Residential reports are customizable for an entire office, an individual agent or per appraisal report.

Our goal for ARS' ActiveCMA is a product that will produce professional results for the novice and expert alike.

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