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Full RETS Compliance
Only the best!
Your ARS development team is dedicated to working with industry standards such as RETS.www.rets.org
quick about us
Software Methodology ActiveCMA is developed using state-of-the-art software development methodologies.
Lasted Technologies Our team works with the latest technologies and chooses the best for the application. Out goal is to bring this technology to you in an easy to understand format.
Outstanding Support We work with leading Real Estate Agents in the development of ActiveCMA and our other products. This ensures you the best product for your money.
software development
leading solutions
Java, UML, JDBC, etc
- Use the best and through out the rest
- Empower developers to find solutions!
Secure Deployment and Deliver
Use the latest technologies to ensure customers are up to date
Focus on Security
Our management teams knows the Real Estate Business
Our Testers know the customer and product
Our Developers know the right requirements
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